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Low-cost liquidity for sellers.

Most brokers and platforms charge 15-20%. PDNS charges 3% + escrow.com fees.

High-quality inventory for buyers.

By design, PDNS only considers a subset of premium domain names:

  • LL.com (2L) | LLL.com (3L) | NN.com (2N) | NNN.com (3N) | NNNN.com (4N)
  • One word.com / Two word.com (estibot: $25,000 +)
  • LLLL.com (4L) (estibot: $5,000+)
  • Other domain names (estibot: $25,000 +)

PDNS recognizes that Estibot valuations are notoriously poor at predicting final sales prices. However, it is a great way to filter out low quality submissions.

Meeting the criteria above does not guarantee a listing. The PDNS team reviews every submission and only lists high quality domain names that are priced for a quick sale to an investor.

Transparency is key.

No front-running or skimming at PDNS.

Other platforms, brokerages and newsletters keep the best inventory for themselves. We refuse.

  1. PDNS staff will never purchase a domain name that is submitted to the platform
  2. PDNS will never share or sell your data
  3. PDNS will never report individual domain name sales

Learn more about how we protect buyers, sellers and the integrity of our platform.